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Introduction of professional technology from Germany in the processing ,the level of humidity is strictly.controlled Goodway piano sound is produced from high-quality spruce lumber from german to insure consistent of tone and stable shape
German premium Roslau string and SUZUKI string Bridge made of high quality maple Every string measured by agraff ensure sound transfer from bass tenor treble timbre slowly changed Pin block with 17 layer of maple Block pin treated by heat ensure Goodway pianos make perfect tone
Imported maple walnut cherry are controlled strictly by humidity and heat Imported polyester piano-purpose paint which features the pianos of beautiful appearance to endure changes in temperature and humidity, help the piano not easy to be damaged with strong hardness and good durance Hardware with treatment of anti-rust, anti oxidation, parts of hardware with gold-plated make Goodway piano beautiful and not easy to rust and oxidize.
Hammer felt made from 100% wool made in Germany Perfect stability and sensibility (even-20-40 are in good condition) Humidity 40%-70% temperature 15-35 can bear 160000 times striking) Striking hammer in 1/250 second high-quality action make sure Goodway piano make beautiful melodious,sound
High quality white pine keyboard strictly controlled by humility and temperature guarantee Goodway pianos in good shape and endurable artificial ivery nature and satin sharp provide a comfortable touch The weight of each key is individually measured and adjusted with lead weight to achieve a unified touch weight , this ensures the best touch by eliminating any energy loss from finger tips to keys to hammers and finally to the strings

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